OK, quick mental exercise: Picture in your mind the best job you ever had. What did you love about it? And now the worst job. Why’d you hate it?

We’re going to go out a limb here, and guess that maybe for each one of those you pictured a person, or people. Easy commutes, 401k plans, PTO days, medical/dental/life insurance, employee discounts, well-stocked break rooms with comfy chairs … these are all great (and we’ve got them.) But the thing that really makes a job meaningful and enjoyable, or not, isn’t actually a thing at all. It’s the people around you.

We’re a group of local neighborhood pharmacies. But more than that we’re a group of people who really like to work together. We care about our coworkers, about their families, about what’s going on in their lives. And we care about each person that walks through our doors. The people we serve are not just customers, they’re friends and neighbors who trust us to help them on their path to health and wellness.

Maybe it sounds a little simplistic. Maybe it sounds like small-town idealism. But, frankly, who cares what it sounds like? We like it and it works. And our pharmacies have been doing it, very successfully, for generations. If you think you’d like it too, then check out our current job postings.